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Maria Tibblin

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Maria Tibblin
Certified Jungian Coach

The journey of discovering your voice may span a lifetime, yet it is never too late to genuinely look inwards for it - the odyssey is solitary yours – finding and trusting the support from within, serves as the link to transcendence.

“Asking the larger questions in life is something I am fascinated by”

Soul Questions Matters

As a Jungian certified coach with additional accreditation from IACTM, my coaching practice is enriched by a wealth of experience and expertise. Before delving into the realm of Jungian coaching, my professional journey spanned a profound international career in the healthcare industry, where I held various positions in clinical healthcare, preventive medicine, and clinical medical research & development.

Driven by a profound curiosity regarding the realms of disease prevention and the alleviation of human suffering, I complemented my expertise through dedicated studies in Public Health. This rich and expansive background serves as the cornerstone of my approach as a Jungian coach.

Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are” Carl Jung

Carl G Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, 1875-1961, was one of the pioneers of modern depth psychology and psychoanalysis.Jung's influence on modern psychology is profound, with his contributions shaping fundamental concepts that remain integral to the field.

His work extended far beyond the confines of traditional psychoanalysis.We owe much of our understanding to Jung, who introduced concepts such as extroversion and introversion, archetypes, modern dream analysis, and the collective unconscious.


Personal Coaching

I am dedicated to engaging with you, exploring your most significant concerns. I will guide you in comprehending your patterns, behaviours, and emotions in a thoughtful manner.

I provide options for either a 6-week or a 12-week program, featuring weekly 1-hour sessions.

Additionally, there is a complimentary 30-minute introductory call to discuss your intentions or explore any complexes. Coaching is available either in person in London or remotely via Zoom.

Dream Work

Maintaining a dream journal is a crucial tool in your dreamwork. I guide you to cultivate a connection with your unconscious through the exploration of your dreams,
embracing the profound experiences that your dream images unveil to you.

Dreamwork sessions are accessible both in person in London and remotely through Zoom. You can opt for a single, two-hour session or choose the personalized ongoing Dream Work program. Within my Personal Analytical Coaching Program, I consistently integrate Dreamwork as a fundamental approach.

Space & Wellbeing

I advise clients to seamlessly integrate their surroundings into a holistic, health-promoting environment. 

Public health has come to recognize place/space as an important determinant of health. The World Health Organisation, WHO, now defines health not as the absence of ill-health but as “A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being”.

The creation of health-conscious and genuinely sustainable environments is becoming increasingly pivotal for individual well-being.